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As an inspiration life coach, author, speaker & facilitator, Chindia Ilonka, helps to empower, encourage and strengthen us to have the courage to live an extraordinary life of purpose, while unlocking our greatness within.

Chindia Ilonka helps you to bring more heart, passion & purpose into your life, workplace or business, thereby positively impacting your health & happiness and overall performance & results in life. 

She is inspiring us to step into our lives from our true authentic self, unlocking our full potential and creating the life we've always dreamed of ...going beyond success into significance!



The INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEING inspiration series is a life-changing journey to unlock your full potential and create a life of inspiration, flow, overall well-being and abundance.

There are different ways to step into the journey, ranging from our complimentary gifts, including the inspiration video series and the Do-It-Yourself blueprint, all the way up to our live inspiration seminars and guided group and 1:1 coaching journeys.

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Whisperings of the Wind

Soul to Soul... Heart to Heart... In Unison With All...

An inspirational collection of poems intended to inspire us all to greater heights…living life abundantly, while honoring the greatness that resides within each one of us. The words and paintings contained in this poem bundle manifested through the author, Ilonka N. Sjak-Shie, a.k.a. Chindia. They came about as part of her journey of awakening. In sharing the wisdom contained within these pages, Chindia is fulfilling part of her mission to do more good while helping to create a better world.

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—Lilakumara, Spiritual Energy Therapist

"Chindia Ilonka listened and guided each one of us at our own pace.
She was open to explore each journey individually.
I loved the exercises in nature. I would enjoy to see and experience more of those moments. "


"Thank you so much…..
you always manage to bring me back to peace."

N. Solognier

"The sharing of wisdom and the deep dive inside gave me a lot of strength and confidence.
I felt supported and cherished.
I feel happy and lucky to have experienced this journey.
It gave me strength to continue alone on my journey..."


"Chindia Ilonka is a great listener, she's authentic & wise. I always felt comfortable and motivated sharing my thoughts & feelings. The journey helped me to grow a lot.
She's a professional and a healer."


"I grew up as a curious little boy with special interest in nature & technical stuff. No wonder that I became a holistic engineer & inventor. One of the things I shared with CHINDIA ILONKA is that I often wake up in my sleep with complete new ideas of total machines & solutions of technical problems. After these kinds of inputs, I sketch or I write everything down in the middle of the night and this is how I developed 3 of the 7 patents on renewable energy I filed under my name. CHINDIA ILONKA helped me to understand more fully how I am in fact using more of my brain, by tapping into my innate higher intelligences and the universal source. She helped me to become more deeply aware & develop more conscious practices that helped me to become more comfortable with my true authentic self, and leading to even better sustainable results."

Erney Errol Pinas, Holistic engineer, inventor & entrepreneur

"Changed my view of life, relations, job, and organization. I will definitely apply the 7 Habits as much as possible in my life starting today."

"This helped me in my life to strengthen my own character and in my relation to others. It has made me more stable in my work. I am confident now how to be more effective at work as well at home and be a role model for others."

—Participants of the 7 Habits Signature program (Bonaire, 2007)

"The approach was great!! The exercises have a good impact. The PBSC is a good basis for setting up the other Balanced Scorecards. Enthusiasm of the coach was contagious, making everybody very motivated. Excellent coaching."

"Ilonka helped to facilitate a total culture shift inside of me. Her preparation, commitment and creativity was suberb. The combination with other management points of views were very good. Very practical approach +++ !"

—MBA students, Via Vinci University MBA program (Suriname, 2008)

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